Paper Reviews

Dear all participants of the challenge.

We have received a very high number of paper submissions for the challenge, most of which contained outstanding and novel methods of tackling the problem. We are very overwhelmed by the positive response and attention this challenge has received and would like to wish you all the best for the rest of the challenge. We are currently going through the paper submissions and will be aiming to get back to each individual with the reviews of the paper in 3-4 weeks time (end of August). We thank you for your patience. For those who did not submit a paper, no need to worry, you are still welcome to participate in the challenge and will be scored and ranked on the same leaderboard as everyone else.

All the best.

Zhaohan & Jichao

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  1. Dear Zhaohan,

    What about the camera-ready version, because the deadline to submit the camera-ready is the 5th of August. We thought it would be great to have the reviewer’s comments/feedbacks in order to incorporate them into the final version of the paper.

    Your comment on this issue is highly appreciated.

    • Hi Sulaiman

      Yes, please upload a camera-ready version (authors/affiliations included) by August 5th (this version will be distributed to all workshop participants by MICCAI).
      You will receive feedback later on for the FINAL version of the paper (due mid-October) which we publish in LNCS after the workshop. Hope this is clear!


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