1. Hi,

    I went throughout the literature in order to find some papers as a benchmark for the sake of evaluation of our algorithm, but I couldn’t find something related to atrial fibrillation chamber segmentation. Would you mind to share any paper if you previously published in the same context?


    • Hi Sulaiman, thanks for your interest in the challenge.

      Atrial segmentation from LGE-MRIs is a very challenging task, and there have not been many successful attempts in previous literature. However, there has been work on atrial segmentation from non-enhanced MRIs (https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7029623/). If you follow the link and read the published work, it should give you a good idea on the methods that were used, however, we strongly advise participants to develop a novel approach since LGE-MRIs are very different than non-enhanced MRIs.

      Hope we answered your question.



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